So, in the spirit of keeping up this blog, I’d like to talk about something that has been greatly irritating me lately. A specific event triggered it, but this is something that’s been on my mind for the past…three to six months, at least. The main thing that has been bothering me sounds a little something like this:

Other people’s lives are none of your damn business. Once you realize this, things will be a lot easier.

There’s a girl on my Facebook who has been very vocal about how she does not accept and/or support the Health at Every Size movement. She has taken to “calling out” obese people by calling them disgusting and offensive to her eyes, and insinuating that the people behind the fat acceptance and HAES movement are ridiculous and have no basis whatsoever in their ideas. First of all, while I’m not refuting the idea that being obese comes with its own health risks and is certainly not what many people would call a healthy lifestyle, it is possible to be overweight or obese and live a healthier lifestyle than someone who’s skinny. I’m not the expert on things like that, I’m not a nutritionist or a doctor by any means, but it makes sense that if someone who is fat eats lots of vegetables, fruits and healthy foods while exercising, they would be healthier than the skinny person who eats fast food and plays video games all day. How common of an occurrence that is is again, not something I’m well versed in.

Regardless of the validity of my earlier statement, her posts irritate me to the point of removing her from my friends list for a couple of reasons.

#1. Regardless of weight, size, health status, etc, no one deserves to be called disgusting or made to feel bad about how they look. It’s completely understandable that you don’t find fat people attractive. Much of mainstream society does not. She’s also angry that some people in the HAES movement are trying to change the views of mainstream media by emphasizing that everyone is beautiful, which is something this girl is also outraged about. “These people are not beautiful and never will be until they lose weight!” You’re right. People should feel badly about themselves until they are shamed into getting skinny just to fit your ideals of what the human body should look like in order to be pleasing to the eye! Yeah!

#2. Someone’s health is not only none of your business, but is not in any way, shape, or form tied to their validity as a human being. Someone else’s health problems, presence or lack of them, doesn’t affect you in any way. “Well, these people cost the US billions of dollars!” Um…I’d like to see where you’re getting your numbers, because I’m sure that a lot of the time the health problems of these people are paid for, at least in part, by these people. I have epilepsy. Do I cost the US tons of money because I get bloodwork done? Am I bankrupting the country because of my yearly EEGs? Last but not least, how about my medication? All of those things are expensive, but I pay my health insurance costs and the costs of my medication (just as I’m sure many of those other people do). Also, and perhaps more importantly, if someone has a medical condition because they’re fat, they aren’t a bad person. They shouldn’t be made to feel like a piece of shit simply because they ate too much and now they have type 2 diabetes. What’s wrong with you that you think shaming is the answer to everything. More importantly, what’s wrong with you that you think it’s your JOB to shame people?

#3. Fat/overweight/obese people do deal with a certain amount of stigma from every day life that is not necessarily earned or deserved in any way. This is something that I have dealt with on a personal level for much of my life. There’s a blog on Tumblr called “this is thin privilege” which details many ways that thin people are privileged over fat people (similar to white privilege, male privilege, etc). While I don’t know how much I support the privilege thing in its entirety, I will not argue that there are certain types of discrimination fat people go through that thin people don’t. The biggest one that comes to mind, without rambling more than I already have, is from the medical community. Back to health, YES, FAT PEOPLE OFTEN HAVE HEALTH PROBLEMS, WE GET IT. But that doesn’t mean that every single issue that is brought to a doctor’s attention has something to do with weight. For example: I wouldn’t go to the doctor unless I was practically dead, and even then I’d think twice about it, because the last time I went when I was sick, there was maybe three minutes spent examining my inner ear to determine if there was an ear infection, and 45 minutes spent discussing my weight. Pretty sure I didn’t eat my way into an ear infection.

Wow. That was…not what this post was supposed to entirely be about. My apologies. So anyways, despite those long ass rambles, here’s what I’m really getting at. What someone else does with their life, or chooses not to do with their life, is really none of your concern. If someone chooses to stay fat, hey, that’s up to them. Doesn’t affect you. Likewise with anything else, including how others spend their money, what people wear, what job they work, their education, etc.

The sooner people realize that other people’s life decisions do not affect them and are none of their business, the happier we all can be.


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