I am really not that hard of a person to please. It’s not that hard to make me happy. I find joy in a great book, a good movie, and spending time with people who can make me laugh. That’s about it. It might seem like sometimes I find it difficult to go with the flow, or that I’m high maintenance, but really, I just like those things I mentioned above, and to be listened to now and again.

That being said, tonight was really, really great. I have something of a rough week coming up: my boss is going out of town so I am filling in for him, and I’ve got six 10 hour days in a row to do, four of which involve me being up at 5 am. So tonight was really needed.

Some of my work friends and I went to Meijer and we, well…we…






It was simple. It was fun. It was hilarious. I laughed like crazy.

When I have dark nights, when I’m sitting alone thinking about how nothing feels right and I’ve messed it all up, I need to remember nights like tonight. It’ll make things feel…okay.



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