This is the start

Nine months ago, my best friend told me something that would change everything forever: she thought she was pregnant. She was late, and she’d taken a test. It seemed impossible at first, and a big part of me thought that the doctor would tell her she wasn’t. But she was pregnant. We found out just before Thanksgiving and she was due in early August.

Finding out that my best friend was pregnant was one of the first times that it had really sunk in that we are adults and we are doing adult things now. It’s not like she’s the first person that I went to high school with who has had a baby or done any of the other things that we typically associate with being a capital ‘A’ Adult (getting engaged/married/divorced, buying a house, having children, having a ‘real job’). In fact, thanks to social media, I don’t need to wait until my 10 year reunion to find out what the people from my high school have been up to. Every day on Facebook is a reunion. This has been the first time that someone very close to me has gotten pregnant, though, and…buckle up, Amber, you’re a full fledged adult now!

From the get-go, from the moment we found out that she was definitely pregnant, I’ve been happy. It will sound cheesy to say this, but life is what you make of it and you can either focus on the positives or the negatives. My best friend was having a baby, a little tiny person to read to, and play with, and love. I have too much love for Maegan to not love her baby with everything I have and be 100% thrilled. I might not be biologically related to her, but she is my sister. And her little sister is my little sister. If my life has taught me anything, it’s that family doesn’t have to be blood and sometimes the most important people in your life aren’t related to you at all.

Then we found out she was having a boy. She and Mike were naming him Easton. Everyone in their families found out. It began to feel more real, and at some point I remember actually remember thinking, “Wow…she isn’t going to be pregnant forever! She’s going to have a baby!” It was a weird realization to come to. The even weirder realization of “Oh, my God, there’s an actual person in there!” had to wait a while, because I didn’t get to feel Easton kick until she was pretty far along…about 32 weeks. But when I did…it was an incredible experience.

I’d be lying if I said that the eventuality of Easton didn’t make me pensive about what would change. I know that our relationship is going to change a lot, as it should because it has to. He’s the most important thing now, and that’s what I want! I also spent some really anxious time worrying about losing her to being too busy and no longer having her in my life, but…like I said, our friendship is too strong for something like that to happen. I really do love her unconditionally and I’ll always be there for her in whatever capacity that might be.

So Easton was growing and we spent the majority of the spring and summer eating ice cream and waiting for him. Then yesterday, July 29th, her water broke at 1am and after some setbacks in the late morning, and two hours of pushing…he had arrived. Easton James was born at 2:54pm. And just like that, 8 lbs and 5 oz of perfection had come into our lives. I cried. I can’t stop thinking about him. Holding him this morning was one of the most amazing moments of my life. He’s a perfect, beautiful baby boy and I love him completely. I didn’t think I could love someone like that who wasn’t mine. But I do.

Welcome to the world, Easton James! You are so very, very loved.


This is the start of your sweet little story,
the part where your page meets mine.
No matter where your tale takes you tomorrow,
our story will always read love.


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