you get what you give

So, it’s 3:14 in the morning right now. I spent a long night out with a good friend of mine just talking for hours, which is something that I always enjoy doing. I really should have gone to bed hours ago-I worked a long day today and I’ve got another two long days at work coming up-but I can never pass up a night of bitching and talking.

Our talks and some current things in my life lately have got me thinking about the old saying that life isn’t fair. It really isn’t, and I feel like that’s something I have a pretty firm grasp on. If being an adult and being a member of the working world and a college educated individual has taught me anything, it’s that life isn’t fair and despite what you think you may deserve, you don’t always get it. In fact, life is so unfair that sometimes you can work really hard for what you want (and feel you deserve) and you still might not get it. I feel like a decent chunk of my life has been spent realizing and experiencing things like that. Though having that experience doesn’t really get any easier or less infuriating, I tend to believe that everything happens for a reason, no matter what, and that makes some things easier to swallow (eventually).

So moving forward with the idea that Life, in its grand entirety, is not a fair and just thing…why should everyone be treated equally? I feel like all day long I deal with hearing things like “well, that’s not fair, so and so doesn’t have to do that,” or “so and so gets to do that, why don’t I?” It’s one of the most annoying things I feel that children do, or that I heard surprisingly often on a college campus. Life is not fair, and because life’s not fair, you don’t always get to have the same treatment as other people.

If you’re a shitty person who never follows the rules and who has a terrible attitude and is just a general pain in the ass to be around, you shouldn’t get to do the awesome things that the people who are awesome and work hard do. Conversely, someone who is a great person who is a hard worker and commands respect from people through decent, good actions shouldn’t have to be denied simple pleasures like the crappy people who drag their feet through existence.

Life isn’t about what we’re handed because you deserve it just for showing up. It’s about busting your ass for what you want, being a good person, loving other people and not being a waste. The problem is, sometimes bad people skirt by doing the bare minimum and end up on top. Sometimes good people toil away and are never noticed.

So like i said…life isn’t fair that way.

Deep thoughts for 3:29 am, right?


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