in case you hadn’t heard it lately

Despite the overabundance of things on my mind lately-ranging from grand to depressing- the only thing that has been worth writing about has been my best friend.

And how extremely proud I am of her.

You may or may not recall that almost two weeks ago, my best friend gave birth to my new nephew, Easton, and how ecstatic I was, and still am. He’s a little piece of perfection and I love him to pieces. Not to mention he’s so adorable that you can’t help but fall in love with him.


Look at those cheeks!

Despite his obvious perfection and how much I know she loves him, having a newborn is not always easy and I know how exhausted she gets. Easton is a good baby, from what she’s told me. He’s not very hard to please and he really just wants his basic needs met, like anybody, but it’s still an adjustment. He’s an addition that has changed everything forever. On top of that, her boyfriend and Easton’s dad just started a new job working nights so she does a lot of it on her own.

I don’t want to minimize the involvement of the people around her, including that of Easton’s daddy. I know that she has a lot of support from her family members (and I like to think that maybe me coming to see her makes her at least a little bit happy ;]) and people around her who love both her and Easton. But I’m just really proud of her for what a great mother she is and how well she takes care of him, and how well she’s dealt with all of the major changes around her lately.

As lucky as we are to have Easton, he is just as lucky to have her as a Mommy. She’s definitely risen to the occasion, and I am so proud to call her my best friend and to look up to her as much as I do.


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