I am gloomy so 60 degree cloudy days are my favorite days

Last week was a weird time around here. We experienced one freakishly hot, freakishly humid day which was not anywhere near the norm this summer. We had a very mild summer which was okay by me because I am not a fan of the heat. Regardless, we had that one crazy hot day then…that day, last Friday, we had a weird monsoon type storm. Pretty intense winds, some rain, etc. It created some huge power issues across my county and the neighboring counties, resulting in some 375,000 power outages…including us.

I am not a fan of power outages, along with no one else in the history of ever. It went out Friday evening around 7:30 and didn’t come back until Sunday afternoon around 1pm. It was really frustrating, mostly because for a big chunk of the time our energy company’s phone number and website were down because of the high volume of calls/emails/usage on the site. However, we were lucky in the end because we got it back a day and a half early and some people weren’t restored until the next Thursday. We did lose all of our food in our fridge and freezer, which really sucked.

Anyway, after this weird rash of power outages and intense heat came…fall. Blissful fall (temperatures, at least). Fall is my favorite and even though I guess it’s technically still summer, I am more than enjoying these 60 degree temperatures and chilly, cloudy days. I bought some fall scented candles and candy and am all bundled up in cozy sweats and a hoodie.



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