sometimes I still feel 15

I’ve been trying really hard to make this blog:
A. Positive
B. An exercise in developing my writing skills
C. Adult-y and not whiny

but right now I just really wish I had someplace to whine and someone to whine to and maybe someone who understood what I was thinking and/or feeling.

I miss Livejournal sometimes, haha. Nobody judged if you went there to complain and moan about your personal life people just either scrolled past or left you a cute little comment. There’s no friends here, just the empty internet and me trying to be almost-24 and not having feelings because having feelings about things means you’re whining and life is confusing. It doesn’t help that I’m running on four hours of nightmare-fueled sleep because I saw the movie Tusk last night and it was thoroughly disturbing and now I’m rambling.

Keep scrolling.


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