my week.

Let’s talk about my week, because this is my blog and I want to. Here’s a wrap-up of my week, just for the sake of babbling.

  • Amazon released seasons 1-5 of Are You Afraid of the Dark? on DVD and I bought the first three and man. I’ve been doing nothing but watching them. I’m actually very surprised at how well most of that show has held up, even though it’s been 24 years since it premiered, the first season especially. While the special effects are, well, early 90’s, and the acting can be pretty hilarious, the concepts behind most of the stories are pretty solid and scary for a kid’s show. No wonder it scared the crap out of me growing up! I highly suggest purchasing them if you can, because you’re probably not going to get a chance like this again for a while. I’m buying the last two seasons, as well.
  • On Friday night, my dog ripped one of her toenails almost completely off and it was a pretty traumatic experience (for me, anyways). In case you don’t know me very well, I am obsessed with my dog. She is easily one of my best friends and I’m not remotely embarrassed to say that to anyone. Nobody loves me like her. Also, she’s the only dog I’ve ever had, so I have limited experience dealing with dog-related things, so when we saw blood, I freaked. It was a lot of blood, too, but never once did she cry or whimper or even limp when she was walking, so it must not have hurt too bad. Anyway, the nail came off and it stopped bleeding and she seems to be fine, thank God.
  • I’m in a book slump. I read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (yeah, that movie everyone’s talking about) over the summer and fell in love with it, and with Flynn. I recently read Dark Places, another book of hers, and loved that just as much, if not more than, Gone Girl. She has one more book but I haven’t read it yet because I know it’s going to be amazing and when I’m done I’ll be back where I started. I have a million books to read but nothing’s appealing to me. Any suggestions?
  • I went and saw the movie Ouija with my best friend tonight. I expected it to be pretty stupid, but it was actually really scary and pretty impressive as far as scary movies go. It had a solid storyline which to me is really important, so if you’re looking for a scary movie around Halloween, I recommend it.
  • My room is out of control, crazy, disgustingly messy. It needs to be cleaned.

That’s all…


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