where are you, Christmas

As a kid, Christmas used to take forever to get here. I remember staring at the spaces on our “how many days til Christmas” calendar-watching them crawl by is probably a more accurate statement- and thinking that I’d give anything for time to speed up. I felt that way in general, and I think most kids probably do. I felt like life was crawling by and I was holding out for that moment when I would be an Adult (yes, the capital A is important) and I could do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. Ugh. Oh, the struggles of actually being an adult.

Anyways, now it feels like I would do anything for time to just slow down for two seconds. It goes by so quickly. It feels like yesterday it was July and all of a sudden Christmas is 3 weeks away. Not to mention the Christmas season just plain goes by so quickly. There’s so much to do, so many presents to buy, and so many obligations to attend to.

But still…the little kid in me is just so excited for Christmas. I love giving gifts, and I love the thrill of picking something out and knowing that the person I picked it out for is absolutely going to love it (and okay, I love getting presents too). I love going to my grandpa’s on Christmas eve and spending Christmas day with my grandma and my cousins. I love putting up the tree and listening to Christmas music. It all still feels magical, and I’m really thankful for that.


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