Who’s to say if I’ve been changed for the better

I had an amazing night. Words cannot describe the experience, other than…amazing.

I’ve wanted to see Wicked for, well…forever. I would always look up tickets, wistfully sigh because I had no money, and want to cry. Then when I finally did have money, the closest show was going to be in another state four hours away and didn’t seem like it would be feasible. However, they announced tour dates for my area earlier this year and my best friend surprised me with two tickets for us to go see it for my birthday/christmas present.

Best. Present. Ever.

The show was incredible, arguably the best stage show I’ve ever seen-and this is coming from someone who’s been to a show on Broadway in NYC. The music was incredible, the effects, stages, and scenery were breathtaking, and the actors were wonderful. I spent way too much on souvenirs, walking away with a water bottle, a sweatshirt, the soundtrack, and a coffee mug for my mom. Me and my best friend had an incredible evening together and I wish I could relive it over and over.

IMG_4465 IMG_2090 IMG_7530 IMG_2212


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