just keep swimming

This has been kind of a weird week. I got my wisdom teeth taken out on Tuesday, so up until Friday my days were spent in a weird narcotic-induced haze, with nothing to eat but mashed potatoes and ice cream. If you read my previous post, I was absolutely terrified for this and spent the three weeks prior to surgery googling what could possibly go wrong and driving everyone nuts talking about it incessantly. I’m happy to report that everyone can now say “I told you so” because while it was no picnic and I never want to do it again, it definitely wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. In a week or so I think I’ll be back to my normal self. It hasn’t even been a week and I’m already braving solids again, cleaning out the wounds afterward of course. I basically went into the office, got injected with the anesthesia, and woke up what felt like minutes later with gauze in my mouth and more tired than I’d ever been in my whole life. These last few days have sucked…but I’ll be okay.

I’ve got a ton going on between getting back to work and tons of summer plans. I’ve got a few graduation parties, a wedding shower, and a wedding reception (for my cousin who eloped, kind of). I’m also trying to stay ahead of the curve and start thinking about my maid of honor dress for my best friend’s wedding and figuring out where my cousin is at with her wedding. Lots of things, but most of them fun. I’m trying to relax and take things as they come and work on myself, as lame as that sounds. The better I am, the better I’ll be for everyone and everything else around me, including work, which is my biggest stressor by far. Just keep repeating it, life is good….


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