One year

One year ago, my best friend texted me saying that her water broke at 1a.m. The time we had waited for for what seemed like forever was finally here. Many clothes had been bought, his crib was set up, everything was ready. We’d waited and waited, planning and thinking.

I was so excited to meet my nephew. I’d spent the last nine months imagining what it’d be like when he got here. I had known about him since he was a little tiny embryo-I was the second person my best friend told she was pregnant after her boyfriend. I wondered how Easton would change things, between myself and my best friend. I couldn’t have imagined how much he would change just me and my world.

He is the little bit of sunshine that always makes me smile. I’ve never loved anyone like I love him, even though he’s my non-biological nephew. This year has flown by, and even though some small part of me thought he’d be that little tiny baby sleeping on my chest forever, he isn’t. He’s this wonderful, hilarious, loving little boy and I wouldn’t trade him for the world, though I admittedly still miss cuddling with that infant sometimes.

Happy first birthday, baby boy. I love you more than words can say.



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