Big, exciting news!…kind of

I wrote several fancy sentences to start this post but decided to just start it with what it’s actually about…I am going back to school.

For a couple of months I had my eye on an online master’s program at a reputable semi-nearby university (aka, not one of those online Nicaraguan ‘colleges’ or whatever) in administration, concentration in human resources. I was very overwhelmed and on the fence about it, unsure of where to start and considering if it was really what I wanted. I’ve worked in human resources for a few years at my current job-I mean, I run a store, so I am the head of HR technically haha- and it’s something I’m interested in. I was doing what I always do, sabotaging myself with fear.

About three weeks ago, I got a text from my cousin whose mom passed away earlier this year. She said she’d gotten this overwhelming feeling that she should go back to school, which wasn’t a feeling she’d had before. She felt like it was her mom sending her a sign, and then told me that she had applied to this same program that I’d been eyeing for months, which I hadn’t told her about. Long story short, I applied with her, got accepted, registered for classes, and am ready to start classes on August 31.

This is a really big step for me and I am excited/nervous/thrilled/terrified, etc. I always knew I wanted to go back, but I just wasn’t sure for what and where and how. I’m not sorry for the year I took off. I needed and wanted a break, and I’m not sorry that I didn’t go back for speech path. It wasn’t for me, as much as I wanted it to be, and it wouldn’t have worked. I worked hard during my year off and if it had been longer than a year, I wouldn’t have been mad about that, either!

Unfortunately, society has us set in this place right now that if you’re not working towards something or in a conventional career that you can brag about, your life is something to be ashamed of. I maintain that I work really hard at my job every day and would’ve continued to do so until something else came along. I’m going to be working my current job throughout grad school and am happy to do so. I’m really excited for this new adventure and so happy that I’m doing it with my lifelong best friend by my side. This feels right.

Future holder of an MSA in Human Resources sitting right here!


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