A quiet screen

With the submission of a 5 page paper this evening, I concluded my third week of grad school and took a deep sigh of relief. I have finally settled into a routine of sorts with getting my work done, at least so far, and it makes me happy. All of my coursework is completed online, so I don’t have to go into school which is nice, although occasionally I do still miss being on a campus. I do most of my coursework-aka, the stuff I consider what I would be doing in class, like discussion boards and responses- after work during the week, and any time after that I do my other homework stuff, such as case studies, papers, etc. All of my homework is due by Sunday at midnight, so I make sure it’s mostly done by Saturday night so I can enjoy my weekend, and use Sunday afternoon for tying up loose ends. So far, this schedule is working. It leaves me exhausted sometimes, especially during the week, but with enough time for an adequate amount of sleep and some socializing, which is more than I figured I’d get working 50 hours a week and doing 6 credit hours of graduate work.

So far things are going extremely well. I’ve aced both of my papers I’ve submitted thus far and have gotten nice scores on my discussion board postings. I’m actually interested in what I’m doing, for the most part, and I do well on it, which makes me feel like I’ve made the right decision. And that, my friends, is a great feeling, and one that even as little as three months ago, thought I would never have in my life. The next year and a half is going to be rocky, and hard, and exhausting. But I keep picturing myself with that Master’s degree, and I’m excited, and that’s a new feeling for me!

I really want to go on vacation, but all of my ideas are too expensive and no one will want to go with me. I would have no problem going alone, but I feel like it would get lonely after a while, though I might have to kind of give that up if I want to actually do what I want to do. There’s my obvious someday trip to Disney world, but something slightly more attainable in the nearer future is this trip to NYC I want to plan. I want to go on this Broadway vacation there. The basic idea is to stay for two or three days and hit as many Broadway shows as I can while I’m there–Wicked, The Lion King, Phantom of the Opera, and whatever else I could possibly make. I could fit in some sight seeing around the shows, hang out in Times Square, eat at some awesome restaurants, that kind of stuff. It sounds like a blast to me!

That’s all that’s really on my mind right now, school and a potential trip at some point. I’m staring at a quiet computer screen as I’ve closed out all school related tabs and Word documents for the week, and am about to go read (a novel, not a textbook!) for a bit before getting some sleep. Life is good.


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