A friend and ex-coworker recently got connected with a family he didn’t know he had. He reached out on his Facebook to his biological father’s wife and got to meet his three siblings and a father he had never even spoken to. He’s meeting them in person in November, since they live in another state.

The whole thing makes me long for a story of my own with my half-brothers that I don’t think even remember who I am. I’m not even sure it’ll ever happen, and if it did, it probably wouldn’t be for another 10 years or so at least. I’ve spoken about my relationship with my Dad on here a few times, but many people don’t know that I have two half-brothers that I haven’t seen in almost 7 years. They’re much younger than me, one of them 10 years younger, the other 11, and the last time I saw them we had little interaction. I’m sure they don’t remember me or know who I am, and it breaks my heart a little. I long for a relationship for them.

It’s something my family that I’m around all the time never really fostered. My mom has always been very blunt about her feelings on step and half-siblings. If they’re not “whole” siblings, meaning your mom and your dad made them and you, they’re not really your sister or brother. She’s made that clear about movies, TV shows, reality shows, etc, and with my brothers. If I’d been around them their whole lives, and if I’d been able to be more of a big sister to them, I would consider them my brothers. I kind of still do. It’s a very strange feeling knowing you have people out there who share half of your blood and they either don’t remember you or don’t know you exist. It hurts, it sucks, and it sucks even worse that I can’t talk to my family about it because they think it’s not real.

One day, when they’re older, maybe I’ll reach out. They live in another state now, too, and that makes it even harder. But one day maybe our story will have the happy ending that my friend’s did. Maybe someday I’ll have a relationship with my brothers. Maybe.


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