Breaking news: if you get offended you won’t die

I feel this compulsive need to rant about something for a minute, and it’s this weird phenomenon that social media has brought to the table. I very much embrace technology and social media, and it actually really irritates me when people complain about it because I find most people who do, are hypocrites. Not that there’s anything that says you can’t criticize something, but the people who complain about how much time we spend on our phones and on social media are frequently discussing these issues using their iPhone and posting it on Facebook. This isn’t the point of my post by any means, but I wanted to lay out some background on me. I love technology and social media, and that it’s created a world where communication and connection is at its easiest. It has its flaws and downsides, but I do love it.

However, social media has also given people this unending platform to complain-which, I know, I’m currently utilizing. I also think our steady, constant access to information has given us all the ability to stay connected to current events and what’s going on in the world, which is great, except it seems a byproduct of this is a complex. By this I mean, I feel like I’m surrounded, both online and in person, by people who think that their opinions/feelings/thoughts are so valid and so important that any challenging of them or even any non-challenging disagreement is a personal attack that is totally uncalled for and unacceptable. One of my big points: If you’re offended by something, you won’t die. People these days act like if someone says or does something that could be construed as offensive, the world is coming to an end. Here’s a reality check: people have different opinions, viewpoints and beliefs, and it’s okay. This goes both ways. If someone chooses to practice a religion other than mine, that’s great, more power to them. I hope it brings them a lot of happiness. There are people who ridicule and persecute people like that, and I don’t think that’s right. However, if someone chooses to not like what you’re doing or disagree with it, get over it. You’re not a special snowflake, what you’re doing isn’t perfect and right, and it’s okay for people to feel that way. (obviously when this crosses over into violence against groups of people it’s not okay, and that’s not what I’m referring to here).

The second point I’m trying to make here, and to loop back to my discussion on social media, the Internet has given people that platform to talk and talk and talk and complain about insignificant shit. The two current examples that come to mind are the Starbucks Christmas cups and the incessant bitching about Christmas displays in stores. Apparently Starbucks redesigned their signature red holiday cups and removed a bunch of typical holiday drawings from them (such as snowflakes?) in favor of a more minimalistic design of a simple hombre red cup. Personally, I don’t drink Starbucks on a regular basis and I liked the design because minimalism is very popular right now. Apparently some people got butthurt and started calling it the “war on Christmas” and blah blah blah. First of all, get over it, it’s a cup that you throw in the trash when you’re done with it anyway. Second of all, now that we’ve established that a probably very small group of people are angry about these cups and given them the voice that they didn’t need about it, can we all agree to stop talking about it? Who gives a shit if some radicals are upset about a red cup? Who really cares? Why do we have to make memes and posts and shit about it and KEEP TALKING ABOUT IT???? (Again, I’m using this as an example and recognize that I’m probably in a very small way contributing to the thing I hate.)

Then there’s the issue of Christmas in stores. Do I think September is a little early to be setting up Christmas displays? Sure. Is the day after Halloween a bit early for Christmas music on the radio? Debatable, I understand why people don’t want to hear it. Personally, I enjoy Christmas, the spirit of the season, music, buying gifts, trees, whatnot. It’s my favorite time of year. But what I do not understand is people’s incessant need to complain about it. If you’re unhappy that Christmas is starting “too soon” then don’t indulge in it. Walk around the Christmas displays, turn your radio to something non-Christmas and do your best to avoid it. It can be done, or kept to a minimum, if you try. Shut the fuck up about it, though. There’s no need to make whiny post after post about how we’re just skipping Halloween and Thanksgiving and jumping straight to Christmas and what a shame it is and how commercialized it is and blah blah blah. No one’s saying we can’t celebrate those other holidays, and spoiler alert, we do. If you’re so upset with the commercialization of Christmas, don’t shop on Thanksgiving or Black Friday (or at all, really, it isn’t necessary). But let people be. Don’t rant about it every day. And the political correctness of wishing people “happy holidays” is annoying too. You can wish me a merry or happy whatever you want and I will smile and thank you and say “same to you”. If you’re Jewish and care to wish me a Happy Hannukah, I’ll accept that with gratitude. Same goes for any other holiday. If we all spent a little less time complaining and a little more time being kind, donating to charity, or volunteering for people who have less than us, the world would be better off and I would’t have to be so annoyed by your stupid Facebook posts.

PSA: I know I was complaining about people complaining and that I can delete Facebook if I’m so irritated.


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