Happy birthday

Tuesday was a delightful November day. It was cool, but not cold, and overcast, but not cloudy. The air had that crisp feel to it that promised that Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and Christmas after that. The snow will be coming, the wind whispered. But not today.

It was a beautiful day for pizza with my family. It was a beautiful day for one last trip to the cider mill for donuts and cider. It was a beautiful day for frozen yogurt with tons of gummy bears and fruity pebbles on top. Most importantly, it was a beautiful day to share stories from the past and pay a visit to Michele’s grave. Tuesday was Michele’s birthday.

I took the day off to spend with Megan, Katie and Steve. I didn’t want to be at work or around anyone who didn’t know her. I wanted to be around the people whose hearts were aching like mine, who I could look at and share a story, a laugh, a smile and a couple of tears. I was prepared to have a sad day. When I woke up my heart was hurting and I was wishing, as I do just about every morning, that I’d have a good morning text from her. But, as usual, I didn’t. Our day didn’t pass in sad silence, though, and for that, I’m grateful. We looked at some pictures, shared some stories and laughed together. It was a fitting day.

As I’ve said in the past, this year is a year of firsts. First birthdays, first Thanksgiving, first Christmas. They’re difficult, but we’re managing. We all keep trucking on, because we have to.

I hope you had the happiest birthday, Michele. I hope you had a Bud Light lime and some Mary Dennings cake. Keep an eye on us!



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