playing catch up

Some pretty cool stuff has happened since I last blogged! Let’s see…

  • Christmas! No matter how terrible the year has gone, Christmas is always my favorite holiday. Pretty much no one in my family was feeling the excitement this year, myself included, but we still managed to have a pretty good day. Christmas eve was spent at my mom’s stepbrother’s house, where I saw my grandparents, then we went over to my uncle Steve’s after. This year was strange without Michele for the first time, but we still managed to share a few laughs and some gifts and I think she was happy about that. Christmas day we went to my grandma’s, and had a nice meal and enjoyed each other’s company. Despite all the weirdness that went on between some members of my family, we managed to pull it together and have a decent Christmas. So, I’m thankful for that (and for the fact that I now have the complete series of Dawson’s Creek to watch while coloring in my new Harry Potter coloring book).
  • I finished my first full semester of grad school! About two weeks ago I finished up my third and final class of the fall semester. I got a 3.7 GPA for my first semester and while it’s not a 4.0 like I wanted, I’m still pretty happy with myself. I didn’t know 16 weeks could go by so quickly, but feel so long. It was crazy and insane and AHH but I did it and I’m really proud of myself. The new semester is going to be really intense so I’ll have to be on top of my game!
  • I received an award/gift from my bosses for excellence in customer service. I’m the general manager of a fast casual food restaurant, and I just celebrated my one year in October. I also went an entire year without a complaint and have received 100% on customer service in all of our store surveys for the year. We had a holiday dinner for all the GMs where they handed out awards and gift cards and stuff and they surprised me with this gorgeous Shinola watch I’ve been pining after, that was to be my gift to myself after my first year of grad school. I was completely shocked and surprised, and me and my boss shed a few tears together lol. It was a big feather in my cap and I’m still so thankful to work for such generous people!
  • In about a month I leave for Vegas! Our convention takes place in Vegas every two years and this will be my first time going. I’m so excited! We might see Elton John B-)

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