back to school (I’m singing that ‘Billy Madison’ song in my head)

In some ways, I am beyond ready to head back to school tomorrow (even though I’m only heading back to my computer on my couch). I’m ready to jump back in and be busy again, because this time off has left me somewhat on edge, feeling like I’m missing something. I was so used to always being on and always doing something school-related (or at the least, having it hang over my head) that being off for 3-ish weeks was weird.

But, I’m so well-rested! I know that in just 12 short hours I’ll be starting again and so exhausted that I won’t know which way is up, but I feel well rested and prepared from my break to tackle what’s about to come at me. My school semesters are only 8 weeks long, so in the space of a normal 15 week semester, I have two. In the first semester I take two classes and in the second one I only take one, so tomorrow I start two classes. They both sound really interesting-Human Relations Skills and Human Resource Management- but they’re both very intense workloads. This happened last semester, also. I took two demanding classes together and the class I took by itself was hardly any work, of course, lol. Either way, it’s gonna be tough cramming all of it in there, but I’ll manage.

On top of that, I’m starting to get ready to go to VEGAS! On January 31 I leave for a three day trip to Vegas with my coworkers and bosses for a convention. It’s gonna be crazy fun and informative and I’m really looking forward to it. It also means I’m going to have to get ahead in my classwork so that I can relax and let loose. Bring it!


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