Spending three days in Vegas helped me learn a few things:

-When in Vegas, people do not usually require regular bathroom breaks or water. Apparently.
-Some people can drink from the time they wake up until the time they hit the bed (or the floor) and still live? I’m not one of them.
-Being absolutely hammered with your bosses is fucking great.
-If you think you maybe shouldn’t have that last shot, just do it because VEGAS.
-Stumbling around drunk in public at 1 a.m. and finding a Shake Shack is great.
-Having really loud, drunken conversations with your coworkers about things you wouldn’t normally say will make you feel closer to them forever.
-The real world continues while you’re getting wasted all day and making an ass of yourself in public, and when you come back to it it hurts a lot but oh well.
-Don’t scream at the Uber driver.
-Packing up from the bar and heading to In-n-out burger is always the best choice.
-THE PURSUIT OF AWESOME is a real thing. It’s a way of life and it’s how I want to live my life. I want my life to be out of control, crazy awesome and it all starts with taking care of the little stuff. No lies.
-I work for the best people in the world who are supportive and loving and who can drink me under the table any night of the damn week! *though I knew all but that last part before

And last, but most certainly not least:
-SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK. My body can handle way more than I ever thought it could. Sure, I might’ve puked in the shower but I’ve had 4 hours of sleep in 48 hours and well, I’m feeling like shit but I’m alive.

I won’t get into details on the internet but I had a fucking awesome time in Vegas. Very needed and very cool. I’m a lucky girl.


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